"We have always emphasised the importance of learning and knowledge and we have always been open to the adoption of new developments in this field. Information technology and communications have now become the main elements that move forward the development process in this third millennium; therefore, we have accorded our attention to finding a national strategy to develop the skills and abilities of citizens in this domain with the aim of further developing e-government services"

Qaboos bin Said 
Council of Oman 

In this kind of exhibition, the ministry aims to highlight the importance of the advantages of information and communication technology to facilitate the work procedures and to resolve the actions under the electronic services by introducing the website of the Ministry of Higher Education on the global information network. 

These exhibitions can be a platform for the ministry to launch the new services and a chance for the general public and those interested to know of the latest developments in the areas of information and communication technology. The Ministry is delighted to announce its new services ASAS and Call Center.

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