Ministry of Higher Education (Sultanate of Oman) Declaration of tenders
  Ministry of Higher Education invites Tenders Contractor firms for the below tenders :

Tender Ref No Companies that are entitled to participate Tender Price
(in OMR)
Tender Price
(in words)
Deadline for buying tender Deadline for submission of tenders
07 /2020 Companies/Organisations that are registered with the Tender Board and specialized in this field 25.000 Twenty Five Rial Omani Only 05/06/2020 25/06/2020
* Tender Documents may be collected from the Finance Department, Second floor, Ministry of Higher Education, Airport Heights, Ghala during normal working hours.
* All companies has to include with its bid, a temporary insurance in the form of bank guarantee or a certified check from a bank operating in the Sultanate of at least (1%) of the tender value entitled on behalf of His Excellency Dr. / Chairman of the Internal Tender Committee.
* Submit bids, signed and sealed with red wax and addressed on behalf of the Chairman of the Tender Committee of Interior and Ministry of Higher Education. Kindly request not to write on the envelope the name of the bidder or what it refers as the merits of the practice are followed.
* The offers as mentioned above must be placed in the tender box before ten o'clock in the morning schedule, and bids submitted after that date regardless of the reasons for the delay will not be considered significant.A representative of the company must be present while the bid is opened in the auction for the tender offer.
* Preference will be given in reference to companies or institutions that includes the largest proportion of its tender Omanization. Ministry is not bound to accept the lowest or any other tender.
Chairman of Tender Committee
Ministry of Higher Education